3 hours to go! I am leaving for 2 nights to Al Ain without children! It has been 18 months since I have been away from them for more then few hours ..So you can imagine the level of excitement in my blood stream now:)

The main reason is a Wadi adventure 10 km obstacle race that I signed myself for in January. I have to say it hugely helped me with my motivation to start running again.

Signing up for sport events is one of the best way how to stay on track with my fitness goals.

So what is on my “agenda” for the next 2 days

1. Some Heavy relaxing

  • Morning meditation, pranayama and asana practice
  • Reading Tim Ferris book the 4 hour work week on a sunbed

2. Fun

  • 10 km Wadi adventure race
  • Listening to podcast while driving (total 4 uninterupted hours yay!

3. Work

  • Finishing a voiceover for one of my promotional videos
  • Vision boar

4. Personal development

  • Action plan how to bring more joy into my daily life

Can’t wait! 🙂 Actually I don’t want it to start because I am so so so excited to just look forward to it:))))