Project Description

Private Yoga Classes

Do you often feel tired, under stress and low in energy?
  • Do you think you could do better with your flexibility?
  • Would you like more overall strength?
  • Would you like to recharge and feel more positive?
  • Do often experience mild backaches?
Here are 8 good reasons as to why you should consider trying yoga:
  1. Strength, agility and flexibility all increase
  2. Yoga enhances memory & cognitive functioning
  3. Body weight normalizes
  4. Yoga naturally reduces pain
  5. Respiratory efficiency increases
  6. Blood pressure normalizes
  7. Mental health is greatly enhanced
  8. Yoga prevents degenerative diseases

About my classes

I am certified in Ashtanga yoga although most of my self practice is in Iyengar yoga. I tend to blend these two styles together because I believe each one has its specific benefits.


I like to prepare my classes such that they are always different. I found this in my own self practice to be interesting and motivational. The classes are organized around:

  • Anatomical focus – hip openers, chest openers, etc
  • Final poses – the sequence is built such that through practice of preparatory poses- the body warms up and is open for the final, more advanced poses
  • Different styles – sometimes the sequences are more technical in order to learn about the alignments of chosen poses: sometimes they are cardio focused, and sometimes relaxing using restorative poses

I am certified to teach beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners.

Structure of classes

Each class starts with Pranayama – breath control exercises, followed by- warm up, main sequence, and finishes off with relaxation or short meditation. Classes usually last 70 min.

Physical adjustments and yoga props

In order to bring someone into the correct structural alignment of their body and make every pose accessible for everyone, I use different modifications or you yoga props for every pose such as straps, bolsters and blocks, and I also use physical adjustments.


As for now I do only private classes and I come to my clients place. All yoga props required for a class are provided.

Let’s Talk

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