This is a sum up of Sami progress:
From the new foods he tasted
– cheesy omellete
– mash avocado
– banana egg coconut flour pancakes
– strawberries
– chicken
– pita bread
– porridge (he really wasn’t impressed lol:)
Otherwise he was getting loads of
– steamed veggies carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (I steam a big bath and then keep it in the fridge up to three days and warm up whenever needed
– raw veggies sticks : cucumber, carrots
– roasted potatoes (I roast few and again keep in the fridge for busy days)
– apples (I think he loves the texture of it) and bananas
Sum up: He is definitely better at grabbing the food of the table and bringing it to his mouth quite accurately now. He bites of bits and still just mostly play with it in his mouth. We have still loads of gagging- remember this is totally normal process. Also i think he is still not comfortable about sitting up . He swallows very little although I can see the amounts are rising in his nappy:). Remember food until 1 year is for fun so don’t stress about the amounts they eat. He is interested in the whole process for about 5 min and then he looses interested which in reality is throwing foods on the floor and smearing it over his face and table:)))) then I call it the end.