First two weeks of baby led weaning with our number 2. It is spring holiday and we have visitors so I have little time to record everything 🙈🙈but here is a short video of Sami’s progress.

So far he tasted:
1. Steamed veggies: Broccoli,cauliflower, courgette, baby corn, asparagus, carrot, long green beans

2. Roasted veggies: Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, beetroot

3. Raw veggies: Cucamber, Pepper, Carrot, Parsley

4. Fruits: Apple (microwaved), Pear, Pineapple, Wattermelon

5. Meats: Minced beef

6. Other: Egg omelet

First few days he was just trying to learn how to bring the food to his mouth and played with it with his tongue. He swallowed just very little and we had loads off gagging (remember this is normal- this is not choking. it is a reflex when the foods gets at the back of his tongue). Last 3 or 4 days he started swallowing more which is obvious in his nappy too😊.
The most important is that he seems to enjoy the whole process! We keep each meal very short about 5 min max 10 (this is a recommendation from our physiotherapist and pediatrics) if he is enjoying.