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Happy Mummy Happy Baby – Postnatal

  • Do you ever feel like the life is too overwhelming and out of your control since you became a mum?
  • Do you ever wonder why you still have a mummy tummy even though you are back to your pre- pregnancy weight?
  • Would you like to have more energy and feel less tired?
  • Would you like to feel strong and fit?
  • Do you want reclaim the control over your mummy time and be more effective in achieving your goals?

Join my 6 month Happy Mummy Happy Baby Health and Fitness Program and at the end of it you will:

  • Create a new, healthy routine that is easy to follow
  • Feel more positive and relaxed with more energy than before
  • Will be more organized and more effective joggling your diverse mummy duties
  • Flatten your mummy tummy
  • Rehab your pelvic floor and close your diastesis recti (optional)
  • Have more body confidence
  • Easily prepare healthy and delicious meals
  • Most importantly, you will feel like a better mum

This program includes:

  • 12 x 60 minute one to one coaching sessions to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes that you want
  • 12 weeks tummy save work out program based on the Pelvic Floor/Diaphram Piston Science for Rehab and Fitness
  • A 4 week meal plan, some of my favorite healthy foods to try and instructions on how to use them
  • A pantry clean up and shopping expedition to your local super market to help you to choose healthy alternatives
  • Lifestyle coaching looking at all areas in our lives that can nourish us
  • Simple but informative handouts, books and videos to increase your nutrition knowledge
  • Email support and check-ins throughout the course of the program
  • Cooking classes –optional
  • Tummy save yoga classes – optional
  • Other fitness recommendations – optional

This program is for:

  • Mums with kids of all ages
  • Mums with overall good health
  • Mums with Diastases Recti (also for mums who don’t have DR)
  • Mums who would like to see a holistic, positive change in their well being, not just lose weight
  • Mums who would like to incorporate a new, healthy routine step by step
  • Mums who are not happy with the shape of their bodies and want to change
  • Mums who would like to prepare healthy, balanced meals for their families but don’t have time to spend 3 hours in the kitchen
  • Mums who believe in the concept of – Happy Mummy Happy Baby (I like to add happy husband and happy whole family!)

This program is not for:

  • Mums with serious health complications
  • Mums who are looking to lose weight and may hold unrealistic expectations about the program

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