Is Baby Lead Weaning a winning formula to grow amazing little eaters?

The answer is NO in my opinion.

I think it is a good start though.

We did BLW with Emilia and without sounding immodest I think she is amazingly good eater . but I don’t think only because of BLW. Looking back there has been so many times things could take the wrong direction. ( phase between 18 months to 2.5 years mainly)

I witnessed some of my friends and their BLW stories and many of them end it up with fussy eaters! So what is the winning formula then?

Honestly I don’t think there is one as really they are all different and every single one needs a unique approach but if I had to choose few important tips to raise a good eater it would be:

1. Share as many meals with them as possible! Try to do a family dinner if not every day at least weekends? Eat the same food as they. Kids don’t need anything special. They are the same creatures as us adults right???( we are talking about healthy food- made from scratch- loads of veggies and fruit, meats, dairy, eggs, little bit of whole grain). Serving different food to them at home sends them clear message that they are different to you and therefore why they need to eat vegetables? or if mummy and daddy don’t eat healthily why they should?

2. Make the meals fun! Try to put as little pressure as possible (hand on my heart i am not great here but I am learning) talk about the food with excitement, talk about what it are eating what is it made from, what is your favorite part of it, offer to taste but don’t insist on trying on another hand praise for trying.

3. Variety variety variety! Never stop serving some foods because last time they didn’t like it. Never say “oh don’t eat it you won’t like it. If you could, try to do every week at least one new meal. If they don’t like it never mind- next time they might. Remember it can take up to 30x for a child to trust a new food. That’s why is so important to introduce as many different foods as possible within first year and then stick to it when they get into their terrible 2s…

4. Treats should be allowed. Don’t make it a tabu. But teach them to have a healthy relationship with it. Have it, occasionally( i am not a fan of dinner should everyday finish with a pudding), enjoy it, not a big deal, move on. Because you know that the next thing in their day will be a vegetable soup and a roasted meat and veg…There should be a balance in everything.
Baby led weaning – as a preferred weaning approach if appropriate to your child – you can watch this short video where I list conditions in which case BLW has to be discussed with your paediatrician to give them the chance to trust the real food (tastes, shapes, textures) and get to know it in their own pace.