I love waking up before Emilia wakes up. It started being possible only last few months as she tend to finally wake yo regularly after 6am.

morningjpgThis week my intention is to go to bed at 10 am and wake up every morning 5.45 pm and do my morning 20 min meditation starting with 1 single intention for the day. 1 thing that I want to get out of my 15 precious hours.


Every time I manage to drag myself from my bed 15 -30  min earlier I am never sorry for it. Those 30 min completely change how my day goes.

I am calmer and more focused on what I want to achieve.

My today’s intention is to spend quality afternoon with Mili. Recently i felt like I was just shouting at her to constantly and wanted her to move from place to place as our schedule was busy in the afternoons.

So today there is no plan for the afternoon. We will stay at home and just play.

I am making pork ribs for the dinner so I just stick them into the oven for 2 hours and let them roast and I will boil sweet potatoes and broccoli to the mash potatoes. Easy! No need to hurry, no need to cook. Just two of us at home playing.

Getting up earlier before your children doesn’t necessarily have to mean meditate in lotus pose. It can simply mean to take a long shower, go for a walk or just prepare your cup of tea that you will drink slowly in peace and quite.

It truly will transform your days. Try it-  it is so worth it!