Never mind…. tomorrow will be better.

As you are lying down to bed you set up your alarm clock to 6 am. Hoping that you can have those 30 min time to gather your thoughts, make a cup of tea or coffee before your children wakes up. And who knows maybe even do a  little stretching exercise, swim or a morning run or walk?


That alarm clock never rings because it is 5 am and you switch it off before it even had a chance to ring as you have been up already 3 times and there is very little motivation for getting u at 6 am. Your child was teething, wanted a water, cuddle, had a cough or just cried or asked for you for no apparent reason.

6.30 –  you slept in. Everybody is up at the same time. You quickly reach for that box of cereal full of cheap ingredients, make a quick breakfast and a cup of tea -which by the way never gets drunk as every body and everything is more important then your tea that morning.

You are 15 min late but finally out of house, in your car,  driving your children to school. Tired and angry your morning plan didn’t work out again. Never mind. On the way back home finally alone you manage to gather your thoughts and make a plan for the rest of the day. You want to go to gym as you come home, research a new job, make a nice dinner using the recipe you liked in that health magazine.

You arrive home and realize you left your house in such a mess. 5 messages, answered calls, friends messaging you on whatups and Facebook. “I am so tired, Uninspired and the last thing I feel is to go to gym or look for a new job”

You put your feet up and gets absorbed in few chats with your girlfriends.

12:30!!! Time to pick up children from school and nursery.

On the way home you realised you still having been to that grocery shop. So you stop on the way home.

“Mummy, mummy can I have this? can I have that? “… All you want is to be out of that shop. “Quick, quick where is the last ingredient I need for that recipe..Hopefully I remembered it all.”

Play time, home works..Time for that 5th cup of coffee…”Why do I feel so tired?” Coffee doesn’t work anymore:( “I crave something sugary… Hang on there is that cake left over from yesterday”…yum yum..

Right it is time to cook  that lovely meal. Grrr…I missed to buy 2 important ingredients. I am so tired to come up with something else now. Let’s go all to dine out.

Standing in front of the wardrobe you feel depressed as you are looking at all that lovely clothes which is still too tight for you:( “Will I ever loose those 15 kg? And why do I still look like I just gave a birth?”

By the time you get to a restaurant you are so tired, frustrated and hungry you order a big cheesy burger with chips. While you waiting for your food you manage to have an argument with your husband. What was the reason? I can’t even remember… he just somehow irritated me the way he spoke…

Bath time, Bed time, story time …Zzzzzzz

Kids are finally sleeping. Time to plan for tomorrow. “But I am peckish again…hm…Do I remember there are those nice biscuits well hidden at the back of the cupboard???Yum yum”

You sit down on the sofa. Put your feet up. Time to have a good conversation and be happy. But you don’t feel like it. You feel tired, stressed about tomorrow as you have no plan again and you are too tired to make one. You feel guilty about that burger and that you didn’t go to gym and didn’t make a nice home-cooked meal and your kids still eat the same…You feel angry and blame your husband that he doesn’t help you enough with the household and kids. You have no time for yourself and when on the earth will I have time to look for a job? Will I ever do again something else then looking after our kids and run of our household?

Never mind tomorrow will be better

…..Only-  it won’t….:(

Unless you decide to break free from that vicious circle.

There are certainly mums which can do it on their own…but some of you might need my help.

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