My 5 months postnatal tummy update:)

Don’t try to eat well and exercise just because of your appearance- that is short lived goal…
Of course you can if it works for you I guess we all want to feel attractive and beautiful … (whatever that means to us). It is in a female’s DNA- especially.

But do it mainly because healthy eating and exercise will keep you sane and help you to be a better mum. (that is what keeps me motivated)

It is definitely way more challenging to stay healthy and work on mummy suitable exercises – but I am getting a hang of it!

Sami will be 5 months in few days and I’ve learned so much already!

Having now 2 children (and not much help during the day) the logistics of kids care and household management and cooking and lunchbox preps and exercise and blog writing and other work related projects and occasional self care:) etc – is a whole new level.

I am hoping though that this experience will help me to get even better at what I want to do when Sami is in the nursery!

These days I spend loads of time thinking which new course I want to study (thinking of bachelor degree in nutrition) and meanwhile how to make my programs for mummies even better fit!
So far this is what I used to do:

This all has to wait though.

There are many things that motherhood teaches me one of which is to let go and focus on the moment. There are only 24 hours and although I genuinely think I am good at time and household management I can’t fit it all.
Some things just have to wait – like my professional life. Kids grow so fast and I am sure I will have plenty of time to work on my “career” later.