….The acceptance there is no such a thing as a perfect mum…..

There is one big motherhood challenge I have been trying to sort out in my head since Mili was born.

In many ways I am an extreme perfectionist and bit of a control freak.
Once I decide I like to do something I will do it full on. No compromises, I like the job to be done 100%. Now this would be ok I guess but I like to do like 100 different things this way and all in the same time. And somehow that had been working I until became a mum.
…I thought I can just add this parenthood business to the mix…

After two years I came finally to the aha moment when I realised I can’t be a perfect yoga teacher, a perfect health coach and a perfect cook and a perfect wife and a perfect mum in the same time. In fact there is no such a thing as a perfect mum…

I always was a bit jealous of mums who after they kids are born can just drop everything and enjoy being full time mums…It took me a loads of time to fully admit this is not me:(

I need bit of time for myself, my friends and my job.
I love my job. I love helping people through yoga and health coaching. This is my food, this is what feeds me and fills me with positive energy.

If I don’ have it..I am hungry. In fact I am “hangry”….I am short tempered and impatient and at angry at everybody else (mostly at the closest people to my heart) and I don’t want that!
I want to be for my family the best possible me…

So I made a decision which still bit hurts but I know it is the best for everybody.

Emilia is going to nursery now 5 mornings so that I can spend everyday few hours on:

img_8615– teaching yoga
– heath coaching my clients
– self care
– on going education
– exercise

We both need to progress and we both need to spend some time on our own….So lets see…