Look…this beauty business is not really my thing…trust me…

img_8895This is how I usually look during my normal day. Just finished my yoga class..:) To give you idea…On average I spend in the bathroom in the morning something between 10 -20 min and that includes EVERYTHIG!  Morning routine, shower, make up, wash and dry my hair put on a gym clothes and GO!


Hand on heart – we do love to look pretty don’t we? It feels nice when we feel beautiful…




This is me 2 weeks ago going for a brunch with group of girlfriends. (Haden’t happened for like 2 years before) To look this way it took 60 min of intense effort I have to say:) But in return it really gave me a new confidence and a nice mood uplift for several days.

img_8631 img_8644 img_8723

So mummies…

  • Take off  your apron and put on some nice dress
  • Make your hair nice
  • Do your make up
  • Go out, spend some time with your friends or arrange a date with your hubby!

And please don’t do it because of anybody else. You only owe it to your self! Because simply it feel so good to feel beautiful every now and then:)