Planning and organizing is 80% of your success as a mum.
I know I don’t need to tell you this…But I also know how difficult it is to actually put this into reality.

Mili naps each day from 2-4ish. So when she wakes up I need to make her tired in order to put her easily down in the evening at 8pm. (I need my adult time in the evening in order to stay sane:) so at 8pm she NEEDS to be in her bed and asleep:)

So that gives us about 2-2.5 hours between her end of nap and dinner time.
So this means that If I want to go to see friends or do something more then just walk around the block it leaves me with no time to prepare a nice dinner.

Now I don’t like to compromise our healthily eating in the evening as a family as simple that matters to me.

So here is what I do and what I also recommend to my clients.

img_8564If you have spare 20 min in the morning or while your children naps or are in the nursery. (bigger ones can assist:0 at any point during the day-) spend it on preparation phase of your dinner. Chop, cut, wash, marinate, steam your veggies for your soups etc…and then just put to the fridge.

When you come back from your afternoon walks etc you just stir fry your veggies or take the rice out of fridge and warm up or bake your fish all in 20 min.

This way you can have both quality time with your kids in the afternoon as well as a nice dinner.