How do you manage to just cook one meal for the whole family? My children would never eat the kind of food me and my husband eats. 

Really? Are you sure they would not? I often witness parents imposing lots of their believes and limits on their children. I am not an exception. But I try really hard not to do that. This very often comes up with serving a food.

Have you ever seen French, Chinese, Korean or Indian child eating? Do you know what they have in common? They are great eaters! They literally would eat anything!

This is not a coincidence. The main reason behind  that is that children from the Asian cultures and in traditional French families are encouraged from a very young age to share the family dinners. To try a huge variety of foods since they are exposed to solids. Eating in this cultures is a social event, time to sit down and talk about the day. Pick and choose from what is presented in front of you. No special cooking for the infants, no separate time to feed them.

Look I get it. Once a while you want to have a quite and peaceful dinner. That’s why me and my husband allocated Saturday for this event. We feed Emilia canned fish and boiled veggies put her to sleep and then we order sushi and watch a movie! I love Saturdays:) But other then this day we eat all together and Emilia shares our food.

food-everybodyThis is what we are having tonight. Thai chicken curry soup.

I managed to make it super spicy…Ups…But no panic here. In this case I just set aside all the ingredients and simply washed it under running water. It will still have the curry aftertaste but it will be acceptable for her and she will be offered to taste the soup if she shows interest.

For this curry soup I used this recipe! Super yummy!