Cooking with toddlers? Doesn’t sound like loads of fun does it:)?

Look I have one at home as well…And cooking with her is not always exactly fun:)

so I am also guilty of sticking in a Peppa Pig  DVD and having 30 min of quite time for cooking. Personally I don’t think there is anything majorly wrong with it. At the end happy mummy= happy baby:)

Having said that I do my best to involve Emilia into my cooking whenever possible. What I mean by it is that I put my hand on heart and ask myself:

  1. Are you sure we are not in hurry?
  2. Is this really going to be fun for both of us?
  3. Are we both in a mood for this?

If the answer is 3 times yes I always give it also a go.

Cooking with children at any age has incredible benefits.

1.They are more likely to taste a new foods if they are involved in their making

This is so much true for in our house. Emilia is definitely more willing to try if she saw the process of preparation and she was involved.

2. It is practical and efficient

Involving kids in food preparation is simply practical. You can spend a quality time together while making food which is a necessary task on your to do list.

3. Educational

Making food is a survival skill to have. Making your children part of your cooking gives you a chance to talk to them about the ingredients and the choices for their good health.The sooner your children learn how to prepare few basic healthy dishes the better for their own future. It also teach them that the food doesn’t fall from the sky and that it takes time to prepare it. It also gives a great frame to teach them colors, textures, math, shapes etc.

4. Last not the least it can be so much fun not just for them but also for you mummies.

Put your hand on your heart, ask the questions and give it go!:) It can be so much fun for both of you. Watch below Emilia making a homemade Nutella with me:)