I would love to say “I can’t believe 30 weeks passed already:)))”

The truth is I feel like I have been pregnant at least TWICE AS LONG lol. Temperatures in Abu Dhabi has climbed to 40s and my due date seems to be still way to far….On the positive side I extremely enjoy my maternity leave:). I gave myself just few small work related projects to finish by June otherwise I concentrate selfishly on myself:)

A brief recap on my 2nd pregnancy

  • No major complications- knock knock on the wood
  • Healthy baby- perfect size- knock knock on the wood
  • 5 kg weight gain since the beginning of the pregnancy
  • All blood tests are fine- No issues  (so far) with iron, vitamin D or diabetes

Some things are easier some things are more difficult to handle.

What is easier

  • Less of indigestion (although it has been worse last week)

With Emilia I suffered enormously from acid and constant burping:(

  • Less hip pain

I have a hip pain now and then but way less then in my first pregnancy – I praise the strength training focused on the glutes and back -it seems to be helping a lot!

  • Better sleep

As long as the baby number 1 sleeps I have an amazing sleep. I do wake up several time a night for a toilet visit but I usually go straight back to sleep.

What is more difficult

  • My bump is bigger this time

Towards the end of day I usually feel like my belly is about to burst.

  • This pregnancy goes really slowly

Because I have been showing much earlier this time I feel like I have been pregnant for years lol:)

  • Bad mood swings

I do suffer from bad mood swings. Specially in the afternoon I often feel a bit low:(

  • Back pain

I guess because of the size of the belly my back tends to be in loads od discomfort- specially towards the end of day.

Tips to ease the discomforts of your pregnancy. Or what do I do to stay sane:)

I. Food

Nutritious food is important for a good mental and physical health. We all know that. It is even more true during the pregnancy. It is also a truth that it is impossible to be 100%. Pregnancy cravings, lack of time, baby number 1, tiredness that all contributes to the days when it is simply hard to cook from scratch. I certainly eat this time more of “treats” (muffins are my thing:) then in my 1st pregnancy.

MY TIP: Try to be good for 80%. The rule of thumb is: each main meal should contain veggies to roughly cover half of your plate. The rest of your plate is divided into half protein and half whole grains.

In another words make the best possible choices you can over the week. (or weekend if that is easier) and then allow yourself to have treat days or individual treat meals (whatever that is for you)…If possible shoot for homemade deserts or biscuits or buy higher quality and try to stay away from processed chocolate bars, biscuits etc. They are super high in sugars and additives.

II. Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us. This is even more true during the pregnancy. Staying active is not only important for you to stay fit and get back to your desired self after the birth in no time but also it is important for the health of your baby.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without my exercises. It doesn’t only keep the physical discomforts of pregnancy at its minimum but also the endorphins do really their job. I feel absolutely amazing every time I force myself  into little walk or do my yoga practice or strength training.

MY TIP: Shoot for 2- 3 hours of exercise a week.  Remember these doesn’t have to be 1 hour blocks. Whenever you find 15- 20 min use them! Great is prenatal yoga, prenatal strength training, swimming or brisk walk .

If you anyway struggle to fit it because of lack of time then think walks whenever possible-  get of one bus stop sooner, or walk the stairs, carry your shopping bags etc.You can also do your exercises from home, there are some amazing pregnancy online programs now here are two I can 100% recommend:




III. Self care

Some of mums feel naturally amazing and beautiful during their pregnancy. I did with Emilia. With this one I had to help myself a bit. I can’t stress enough how important it is for your good mental health to carve out some mummy time and pamper yourself to feel beautiful and positive. At the beginning of this pregnancy I really didn’t feel beautiful neither positive. In fact I felt the right opposite and it was really bothering me:(

MY TIP: Even if it is 30 min a week have a bath, go for coffee with your friend, pamper yourself- go for a pregnancy massage or manicure…. buy some nice maternity clothes to feel comfortable and beautiful-when I feel tired or simply not well in my own skin this really works for me. I literally force myself into long shower and put some nice clothes on and….make up! The effort always  pays off!

IV. Relaxation – stay calmly with yourself

We often take time to relax physically but very rarely we take time to calm our minds. (and they do work 24 hours a day). Pregnancy often brings along mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, even depression. Trust me I know all about these in this second pregnancy.

MY TIP: Find a comfortable silent place (ask our partner to babysit or anybody else who could help to stay with your children meanwhile) close your eyes and listen for 15 min to a relaxing music. Or find a guided meditation on youtube or at apple store. Go for a walk. Have a bath. If you do hypnobirthing course listen to the “tapes”. Or do whatever makes you to slow down and stay in silence with yourself. 10 min a day is ideal. If that is a luxury then even 10 min a week is better then nothing.