In my first pregnancy I suffered hugely from sciatica kind of pain in my right hip radiating all the way to my sacrum. At the end of pregnancy I could barely step on my leg.

This time around I have 0 pain and I want to believe it it not a coincidence.

Sciatica pain in pregnancy is very common and here are my tips how to avoid it.

1.Pay a visit to a chiropractor

I can’t be more positive about my few visits at the chiropractor during this pregnancy. There is never too late to pay a first visit but I would recommend to book yourself maybe around week 20 and then according to the need. Besides any sort of back related pain relieve there are studies available proving that chiropractors can hugely help also with the outcome of the natural birth.

2. Maintain a lower body strength training

I do believe that adding on some hamstring and glut strength before I got pregnant second time really helped to keep my hip more stable. With Emilia I didn’t do any strength training but during this pregnancy I did minimum 2 sessions a week. If I didn’t have time for full 60 min work out I would stick to 10 min lower + 10 min upper body work out.

 3. Spinning babies balancing exercises

Emilia was also on my right side of my uterus and I had a back labour at the end which wasn’t a fun at all. I think her not beeing in an optimal position had a contribution to the hip pain.

This time around I can feel the baby is already in a very different position. a) I think it is that I am better aligned thanks to the chiropractor work b) I did loads of balancing exercise that you can

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