Let’s be honest. It is hard a hard job. Craving sugar is one of the most common cravings in pregnancy.

Until like 30 weeks I felt I had things under the control. Last 9 weeks – not so much:)  After every main meal I do feel now there is something missing and unless I have something sweet my taste buds are not fully satisfied.

Here is the trick though…You don’t have to torture yourself by not giving your body what it craves. Just try to stick to as healthy treats as you can get. Combined with a healthy balanced diet rich in nutrients and topped with some exercise you don’t have to worry about having something sweet every day. I craved lot more sweets this pregnancy and certainly ate more of the sweet stuff and still put on only 10 kg and I am feeling strong and fit.

My tips to satisfy your sweet tooth quickly

! Before you try any of the following  have a big glass of water with squeezed half of lemon. Often your sweet tooth is just that you are thirsty. If that does’t help try these:

  • table spoon of honey
  • few squares of dark chocolate at least 70% in cocoa
  • fresh fruit even those high in fructose like mangos, pineapples etc.
  • dried fruit like dates, apricots or prunes
  • kids biscuits with no sugar content:)

or try any of the following recipes. Any of them take longer then 60 min and you can have your healthy treats supply for at least 4 days  always handy waiting for you in your fridge or handbag whenever you have a “need:)”

And sometimes there is just nothing really bad about having that big Starbucks chocolate cake or a regular ice-cream:) Just chill and enjoy it!

Good luck!