The posture does so much to how we look in overal. There are several studies even that we one can even changes the result of a job interview based on holding different body postures.

There are obviously hundreds of ways we carry our bodies but here are the 3 common ones for mummies.

1. Round back, hips and chin too much forward.
In this case you need to work on stretching of your pectoralis muscles and contracting your rhomboids muscles+ core muscle strengthening


2. Typical mummy hip. Belly out, Everything misaligned, All wrong:)
I would suggest alignment based yoga.


3. Sway back– this was me after Emilia was born. Pronounced lower back, belly poked out.
Suggestion is to stretch your the hip flexor muscles and work on your gluts and core.


4. Correct one. Ears, shoulders, hips and ankles all aligned.


19 months after Emilia was born I still have a tendency to stand like on the picture 3. But it has improved tremendously just simply doing my special corrective Diastasis Recti exercises and yoga.

My tips to work on your posture
1. Be aware to which category you may fall in. Observe your body as you walk, stand while washing dishes, or queuing to pay in the shops.
2. Observe other people and the way they carry their bodies.
3. Choose exercises carefully to address your specific body weaknesses.

Can you find yourself in these pictures?