It is commonly known that to decrease the amount of sugars correlates with weight loss.

Hand on heart-  this would not sell it for me…I have a terrible sweet tooth and frankly it makes me happy to have a big fat chocolate cake:)  or an ice-cream from our local VasaVasa shop- Ladies from Abu Dhabi- the ice cream here in al Muneera is the best!:)

Having said that I am conscious of how much and what kind of sugars there is in my diet. Like with everything you want to strive for balance. I know that giving my self a strict rules just simple doesn’t work.

If you have a sweet tooth like this might help you:

I tend to stay away from rubbish cheap sweets (anything highly processed and packaged from a regular grocery store) and rather indulge on expensive good quality treats. My favourite are bliss balls, raw cakes or a dark chocolate at least 70%.



It may feel like it cost a lot when you pay the bill… but if you manage to convert yourself from everyday snacking to an occasional expensive treats you will find that after some time  your sweet tooth decreases and overal you will spend less money on indulgence.



If this still doesn’t resonate with you continue reading below-  All are scientifically proven.

Benefits of avoiding cheap sugars!

– You will feel more positive
– You will have more energy
– You will be less sick
– Your thoughts will be sharper. Less of brain fog.
– Your skin improves
– Your sleep improves


From a mum’s perspective I would do ANYTHING to have more energy during the day for my child and be less sick. as Being sick and have no child care is a night mare for me.