Everybody hates to be sick. It is even more true when you have a 17 months old toddler who never stops moving.

My daughter Emilia gets sick very rarely but when she does she is always so kind to me and share every single virus with me.

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I almost never take over the counter medicine because I just don’t believe they do us any good.

So here is what I “overdose” myself with when I feel a little bit under the weather like last few days.

What you are basically looking for is to boost your immunity system with Anti inflammatory and detox agents, Vitamin C, B12 and Zink.

1. Meen Green juice (Kale leaves, Ginger, Lemon, Apples, Celery sticks) is super high in detox agents and Vitamin C.
2. Spirulina (goes into the juice) Super high in Chlorophyll- detox agent and B12
3. Ginger lemon honey tea- Ginger and honey inflammatory and antibacterial lemon high in Vitamin C. you can make fresh or have a container of pickled ginger and lemon stored in your pantry (1 cut lemon into slices, 5 cm or grated ginger 10 tbs of honey). Put one tbs into hot water and drink it:)
4. Miso paste- High in B12
5. Pumpkin seeds- High in Zink
6. Placebo:)- The power of mind is still highly underestimated despite the fact of several scientific researches. What I do is that I actively try to convince myself that all this is going to heal me in just few days.

My colds very rarely take longer then 3 days.