Inspired by one of my friend who suffers from indigestion issues I am posting a little bit more on this topic again.

The statistics shows that every other person in the modern society experience some sort of indigestion issues more then once a week.

So my guess is there might be quite few of you out there with this issue.

I also guess most of you think yes that’s “me” but with everything that goes on in my life I have no time to prioritise this right now.

Well let me tell you that it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you have to focus all of your spare time on this. To decrease your discomforts may mean just adding on 3 simple steps to your day routine which won’t take literally more then 10 min altogether.

Or on another hand I imagine some of you think this is “so me” and all I want now is to feel well again and therefore I focus all my energy on this.

Or you are somewhere in between and for those of you I have some tips as well.

My advice is to realistically estimate the time you can devote to this and then you choose some of the following program”

A. If you have very little time but you want to address it


B. If you look for some simple but effective solutions

  • appleciderAdditionally to all above mentioned
  • Have a 500 ml lukewarm + half of freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning
  • Have a 1 tablespoon of unpasteurised apple cider vinegar right after your lemon water
  • Have a 500 ml lukewarm water about 20 min before lunch and dinner.
  • Take quality probiotics every day for at least 3 months


C. If you taking this really seriously

  • img_7868Additionally to all above suggested
  • Remove from your diet processed foods, processed sugars, wheat products and dairy products
  • At least 2x a week have a homemade bone broth (no additional maggi etc)
  • Make a litre of mint or chamomile tea in the morning and sip it during the day

D. Hard core 6 weeks program

  • img_8962Previous to all the above mentioned
  • Add to your diet every day at least 1 of the following foods every day:
  • sauerkraut
  • pickled vegetables great facebook page to find ideas is here:
  • half raw yolk
  • natural nuts and seeds
  • Green juice