Almost every mum I’ve ever met suffers from some degree of lower back pain. Part of it is caused by pre- baby Backstrechsedentary lifestyle (our lower back muscles are usually one of the weakest point of our body).

Big part is caused by weakened core + pronounced sway back post birth. All together = bad posture and never ending lower back ache (often a pain in the hips).

In most of the cases there isn’t a quick fix to this. But I found this simple stretch as a miracle to a short term lower back pain release.


  1. Stand in 90 Degree angle, shoulders width or slightly wider apart.
  2. Legs 100cm-150 cm apart. Lift the knee cups, engage your quadriceps. Draw your navel towards the spine (activate the core muscles).
  3. Draw your shoulder blades down towards your waist and your tailbone towards the back of the room aiming for the maximum length in your spine. Neck is in line with the spine.
  4. Keep this pose for minimum 30 breaths.

Hope this will help you to finish the dinner cooking or ironing with a less of a pain…. it does a job for me!