I have a terrible inclination towards bloating. There are about hundreds of internet links advising which foods to avoid to decrease the bloating. But I know this approach doesn’t work for me.

I always rather add the GOOD THINGS than AVOID THINGS. This is my mantra.

We mums are always on the go and there are always things to be done. So I understand there is limited time for our self care. But the bloating is much bigger issue then just how our bellies looks like.  The main problem is that we immediately feel heavier and guess what..More TIRED TOO! – because the body takes all the available energy and assign it to deal with the troubled digestion. So you might like to prfioritize this one…

Often what you need to do in order to have more energy for your busy day is just simply follow the next 3 simple tips for 7 days.

7 days test

1. Include into your day  1-2  probiotic foods

  • Kefir kefir
  • Natural Yogurt
  • Kobucha
  • Sauerkraut
  • Miso paste ( 1 tsp a day)
  • Tempeh

2. Drink loads of water or herbal teas

  • 1. See if you can drink at least 2-3 l of water a day.green-tea
  • 2. Also try to drink 300 ml of lukewarm water 20 min before you eat your main meal.
  • 3. Have 1 – 3 cups of mint tea or ginger tea  or Fennel tea or quality green tea.

3. Chew well

So simple and so hard. See if you can chew every bite of food at least 10 times. The ideal is 30 times. The more you chew the more saliva will be mixed with your food, the less work the stomach has to put into breaking it down. Other benefit of better chewing is the increase of the nutrient absorption= more energy for your body.

After 7 days of practicing these simple tips not only the bloating should decrease but you’ll find your energy level sky rockets.