The weight of your growing baby is going to put a pressure on your lower back. The spine has a tendency to pronounce more and cause a very common lower back discomfort.

Specially at the end of my day or after a long walk I feel my lower back is very tired and it needs a special attention. But

If you look for a quick fix and as a busy mum you have only about 5-10 min spare here are my 9 favourite exercise to help to release the discomfort quickly.

I. 90 Degree Angle pose


  1. Place the palms on the wall or chair or table
  2. Step back into 90 degree angle pose
  3. Press your palms against wall or table (chair) and draw your tailbone back
  4. Keep this pose for 10-15 breaths

II. Deep Squat

  1. Keep your stance about 50-70 cm wide heel to heel
  2. Turn your toes outward
  3. Bend your knees and squat down
  4. Palms on your heart centre elbows pressing against your inner knees
  5. Lengthen your spine draw your shoulders down

III. Forward bend

  1. Feet are hip width distance
  2. Bend forward
  3. Soften your knees

IV. Triangle pose

  1. Arms are shoulder level
  2. Feet are right under your wrist creases
  3. Turn your right foot 60 degrees in left foot out
  4. Reach towards your right right foot and tilt
  5. place your palm ob your shin bone
  6. Look up, straight forward or down at your toes
  7. change sides

V. From a triangle pose place a block in front of your right toes

  1. bend your right knee
  2. place your right palm on the block
  3. Lift the left leg up t be parallel with the floor
  4. change sides

VI. Stuff pose

  1. Sit down and stretch your legs up
  2. Flex your feet engage your quadriceps
  3. Palms are either side of your hips pressing against the floor
  4. Straight back keep your spine long and straight

VII. Cat and cow pose

  1. Place your knees (aligned with hips)  and palms (aligned shoulders) on the mat
  2. Inhale lift your tailbone, arch lower back, middle back and then upper back, Look up at the celing
  3. Exhale draw your tailbone down, then U shape your lower back and upper back, chin down towards the chest

VIII. Childs pose

  1. From table top pose, bring your knees mat width distance
  2. Stretch your arms forward
  3. Bring your hips down
  4. 5-15 breaths

IX. Downward facing dog

  1. From a childs pose keep your palms stick to the mat as you are coming back to table top pose
  2. Lift your hips high up
  3. Keep your knees soft or draw your heels down and your knee ups up