Weak core muscles, distasis recti (abdominal muscles split), weak gluts and lower back pains are very common discomforts after giving birth. I’ve had all of it after Emilia was born.

It takes long time to fix it all ….and the heavy babies which we have to pick up like 100 times a day are really not helping …

Here is 1 tip how to get a healing exercise into your daily routine without the need to schedule it:)

Instead of bending to your baby to pick it up (this has a negative impact on your lower back and your posture in general) see if you can squat and pick her up this way.


1.Squats are amazing for working your legs all way around.
2. Squatting with a straight back takes away the negative impact on your lower back
3. Squats can be amazing core muscles work out. Breath out as you coming up. Draw your navel against your spine and simultaneously lift your pelvic floor muscles.

To get used to picking up your baby this way may take a while. At the beginning you will remember 1 time out of ten:) but eventually you get used it and it will become a second nature.