Lunch boxes are a nightmares for many of us.

But with few tricks and set routine it doesn’t have to be that hard to provide fresh and full of nutrients food for your little ones.

Emilia goes to nursery were food is not provided so every day I have to pack snack and lunch. As I like Mili to have warm lunch but in the same time I don’t have time to cook 2x day her lunch is usually left over from previous dinner+ some additionals and snack is some fruit or veggies + some kind of healthy fats and proteins.

The best is to prepare the lunch box night before in case you are not too exhausted. Chop the fruit and veggies. Put all in separate containers into the fridge so that in the morning you can just warm up and transfer to a thermo flask or cool pack.

This was one of Mili’s lunch boxes last week.

Snack= Green smoothie left over from previous afternoon snack. Spinach, cucumber, ginger, lemon and pear.
Pita bread triangles with cheese, strawberries and cucumber.

Lunch = left overs form previous dinner- basmati brown rice, green beans and roasted chicken.