Mili is now having opinion about everything! Recently she started refusing foods that she quite consistently loved for about 1 and half:) Simply put she is convinced she doesn’t like it.

Ok so this is really irritating 🙂

Among these foods she always enjoyed are also fish cakes, shrimp cakes and burgers or meat balls. So yesterday I really fancied shrimp cake  which we didn’t have for a while… but what

about her? Will she eat it?  I had an idea… What if I make some shapes out of the shrimp cake? Would that help?

It turned out it did!!! She quite happily atet all of her pieces and was quite excited about it. Yay! Mummy: Mili = 1:0:)))

Today I am making meat balls so I will try the same strategy and plus I will involve her into making shapes. Lets see what happens:)