That temptation to always have them clean!

I know how it feels. The moment you see their hands and faces dirty there is some parenting button at the back of our mind causing us an immediate headache! 🙂

When Emilia started with baby lead weaning I was on my knees at least 3 times a day cleaning up an enormous mess! But this will all pass and the mess will become lot more manageable.

There are so many scientific studies out there proving that letting your child the first 2 years of his | her life to get messy is positively impacting the relation of the child with his food. Children which are allowed to get messy and play with their food as toddlers tend to become less fussier eaters and become real social eaters.

Emilia is 2 years and 3 months and she makes very little mess now when she eats. But occasionally she still goes full on and it is such a joy to watch her enjoying her food! At this picture she was dipping oat flakes into her green smoothie (kale, banana, grapes and cinnamon). My parenting bell went on and for a second I had this need to start wiping her face etc but I managed to stop myself and just let her to enjoy herself. I cleaned her face in 1 min after she was finished and the washing machine washed her t-shirt. And she enjoyed so much her healthy nutritious snack:)