Join us to follow the weaning journey of Samuel!

I can’t believe it has been 3 years since with started Emilia’s weaning.
I absolutely loved the whole process (can’t say there weren’t times I was in doubt) and we have learned a lot.

I would like to use the principles of a baby led weaning (the same as with Emilia) and also to focus on some purees as well – as one of the textures.

I am planning to share with you:

1. Weekly plans what I would like to cook (I will cook the same for the family and Samuel) how to adjust it to the baby led weaning needs.
2. Live workshops.
3. Sum ups of the week. Observations, learning and trouble shooting.

Please share this page with mum’s or daddies who you think might enjoy to follow our journey.

Here is a sum up of Emilia’s journey and I can’t wait to witness the journey of Samuel.